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Dachshund Silicone Mold Tray

Dachshund Silicone Mold Tray

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Dachshund Silicone Mold Tray

Introducing our Dachshund Silicone Mold Tray, the perfect blend of adorable design and culinary creativity. This versatile mold features nine charming dachshund shapes in each tray, allowing you to effortlessly infuse your baking or crafting endeavors with the irresistible charm of everyone's favorite long-bodied canine companion.

Crafted from high-quality silicone, this tray ensures easy release and flexibility, making it a breeze to create dachshund-shaped treats, chocolates, ice cubes, or even crafts. The sturdy yet flexible material guarantees durability and longevity for repeated use.

Available in both vibrant red and cool blue, our Dachshund Silicone Mold Tray adds a pop of color to your kitchen and brings a smile to your face as you unleash your culinary imagination. Whether you're a seasoned baker, a crafting enthusiast, or just a dachshund lover, this mold tray is a delightful addition to your collection. Create a pack of dachshund-shaped delights and make every occasion a celebration of canine charm and creativity.

Make homemade goodies with these reusable Dachshund shaped baking molds. All goodies pop right out, so cleaning the tray is a piece of cake. One tray makes 9 wiener dogs. Perfect for cake, candles, candy, dog treats, fondant shapes, frozen treats, ice cubes, jello, soap or wax.

Quantity: 1 tray

Color: blue or red

Cube size: 2 1/2"L x 1 1/2"H x 1/2" D

Tray size: 8.7" × 6.7" × 1.6" inches


- Food-grade silicone

- Heat-resistant temp: 230 ℃ & cool tolerance temp: -30 ℃

- Dishwasher, Freezer, Microwave, and Oven-Safe

- BPA free

- FDA Approved

- Non-toxic and created from raw materials

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